quick run down on all the important stuff you need to know. 



a quick glance at who's who in the zoo.


all things slack

slack? if you don't know, now you know. the #1 way of communicating with anyone, and everyone.



we know you have questions about what the next little bit is going to look like. read this bad boy and you'll get (most) of your answers.

gmp (good manufacturing practice)

we don't have a lot of rules around here. except when you're in the production area. then you GOTTA follow these. for real. we're serious about it. 

Highfive in 15five

make someone's day! give them a high 5! (on 15five). well i mean, no one's stopping you from giving them one in person either, that's always nice.  


What if you're really sick?

(panic). just kidding. 


cheat sheet

we want you to be at your best -
and we'll help you get there. 

team charter

let's talk it out! a guide on the process for properly dealing with conflict.


Wellness Program

we want you to be on your a-game on all levels - mentally, emotionally and physically. we got yo' back.


belonging commitment

we like to call Fiasco home. not just because we're all here for a good chunk of our week - but because we're a family. we all accept each other, and want everyone to feel like they belong here.  


Benefits for dummies

are massages included in my plan? how do i get one? what about, like seeing a naturopath? don't even know what that is? don't worry. we made it real easy for you. just read this. 

fiasco etiquette

lucky for you, we're not like a lot of other places. we're FUN! we do things different! we made this lil' guide so you won't feel so lost in all the Fiasco craziness.


we're all about making your first day as easy as possible, which means getting all of the boring paperwork over before day 1.

thanks in advance for signing these before you start!